How well do you understand your digital security risks?

Are you regularly informed about the vulnerabilities of your digital footprint? Which not only includes IT infrastructure and portable devices but the company’s security governance stance and end-user behaviour.

Comprehension of computing  risks is the first step in tackling threat exposures and mitigating vulnerabilities. ONRIX supports organisations to reach clear comprehension of their cyber risk exposure. This is accomplished through a method of measuring risk exposures and helping customers focus on the most critical aspects of risk mitigation and plan on improving their security maturity.

ONRIX is a company networked with various other consultants and professionals, each with specific core competences and capabilities. It is the strength of the network that creates unsurpassed services and remediation to specific concerns or issues raised by your organisation. 

ONRIX Approach

The ONRIX approach to security risk management engages your employees in the process from the beginning. 

Key steps taken are in: 

  • Identifying the assetsriks management 2
  • Prioritising those assets
  • Measuring their vulnerabilities
  • Providing mitigating recommendations



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